About us

Family picture

Flapjacks Cafe is a family owned an operated breakfast and lunch restaurant.  We specialize in classic comfort style food. We want each and every person who comes in to be treated like our family!  20160827_092001

The owners Melanie, Hans and Marion Hadinec moved to Florida with their families, and took over flapjacks Cafe. The owners regularly offer traditionelle austrian dishes on the menu.The owners can be found on site almost every day and are happy about the visit of regular guests and new customers.

Breakfast everyday all day
Lunch starting at 11:00
Small to medium catering events- contact us for details.
Host small events at the restaurant- We can customize your event!

We are located just off Venice island on the main road leading in and out of downtown Venice (Venice Ave).  A quick  bike ride or drive gets you off the island and into Flapjacks.  There is plenty of parking in front as well as on the side of the building.  We know there are other establishments in the area you can go, so we appreciate that you choose us!  Being locally owned allows us to serve our community the way you want to be served.  So whether you are visiting for a day, a week, or Venice is your home…we welcome you into Flapjacks Cafe and into our family!